December 18, 2018


Gravel In Ya Guts Working full time and putting an album together is really hard — working for the man takes away a lot of the passion for music. It Is How It Is Consisting of 13 killer tracks, Decimation Recordings is guaranteed to destroy. Hopefully still recording and touring around Australia and even into Asia. What do you think a band has to do these days to succeed? Pretty much be prepared to work hard for ten years for free or fuck all and keep churning out music until they hit the nail on the head, that and a bit of luck and a shitload of drive.

maggot mouf youre all ears

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I’d have to say Never Would Admit It is my fave.

Named after his recently opened production house and recording studio, Chess Sounds features local artists such as the legend Jaggot Strut, label-mate and fellow Broken Tooth visionary Newsense, Koolism’s Hau, host of the Triple J Hip Hop Show, Westline Boomtown murkers Kings Konekted, the irre-pressible Trials of the Funkoars, and that dashing man with the razor tongue, Vents.


Caining ’em – Hospice Crew, Feat.

maggot mouf youre all ears

This is the album Australia had to have. The thickly layered synths, contemporary Hip-Hop, poignant lyrics and a heavy dose of Grime served up with an unmistakable English accent are a unique and refreshing approach. Previous page Next page.

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mwggot Sesta And Trials Of Funkoars 5. I need to get more sleep though. Pickin Victims featuring Fletchrock 4. Browse the Latest Snapshot. Working full time and putting an album together is really hard — working for the man takes away a lot of the passion for music.

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Stark and confronting, and always pushing boundaries, he has refined and honed his style of story telling narratives and rebellious social commentary to a new level. Same thing as always, persevere and build your skills.

Maggot Mouf – Group Ft.

maggot mouf youre all ears

Wanderers – Hospice Crew, Feat. Stomped Out – Hospice Crew, Feat. Booze Bastards Featuring Billy Bunks They let their hands do the talking, issuing challenges where skill meets skill and strategy becomes reality.

Tell me about playing overseas, in Santa Ana, California? Channel Catalog Subsection Catalog. Bragger Postage Included in marked price. She Sells Sea Shells feat. Same thing as always, persevere and build your skills.


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This World – Hospice Crew, Feat. Music Videos – Maggot Mouf. The album is an imaginative listen from start to finish, with a dark undertone that does not succumb to the played out battle style status quo of Hip-Hop.

Codename Cougar ft Billy Bunks 7.

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We had fun making it and it smashes out. Barnacle Zll is in true fine form We have our own crew called Paypah Stackaz.

maggot mouf youre all ears

Dead or Alive Postage included in purchase price. Drapht, Hunter And Layla Must Volkoff – Every Yourd feat. Village of the Damned The whole Broken Tooth Entertainment catalogue.