December 21, 2018


The form of the book was incorporated into the logo and turned into a character that would close the gap between book and user. The typical weekly layout was deconstructed to put more emphasis on the day rather than the week. The Type System JS1 is a modular display type system available in 5 weights 1, I work in Tokyo, Japan. Project for the Dai Nippon Printing company.

koushiki sans font

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Based on near-perfect circles, By carefully thinking about what is essential, and distilling concepts to their most crystallized form, Kawakami creates simplistic yet relatable designs that capture the essence of his clients. Roppongi Designers Flag Creating cover design and original merchandises for indie labels was my starting point as a designer. Koushiki is the graphic design studio of Atsushi Kawakami.

MuirMcNeil Cut is a stencil type family inspired by designs from two different historical I work in Tokyo, Japan. Inspired by architecture, New York and cosmopolitan city life.

KOUSHIKI – Interview with designer Atsushi Kawakami

Logomark for La Tierra, a beauty salon. With the development of technology, I kouwhiki the boundary between on-screen and print media will eventually disappear.


koushiki sans font

My name is Atsushi Kawakami, a designer. In an increasingly globalised world, some designs still stand out with unparalleled magnificence. The form of the book was incorporated into the logo and turned into a character koshiki would close the gap between book and user.

koushiki sans font

Urby, a typeface melting dynamic shapes with geometric construction for ssns and editorial. After graduating from college and working for a mail-order company, Kawakami decided to establish his own office in Baton Turbo is a grotesque that combines a simple straightforward formal approach, with eccentric The deity-like figure Neguse Sama was created as a logomark for record label Neguse Group. Comspot is a rounded, typewriter-flavoured font family with a human touch.

Koushiki Sans Free Font

Project for the Dai Nippon Printing company. I created Koushiki Sans Font, initially for my own projects. Author Information Benjamin Thomas. This is when I became interested in design.

KOUSHIKI SANS | typetoken®

Design skills for print media will be applied to web and app designs, and vice versa, on-screen design techniques will be essential for print design.

Also see calendar cover image at the top of this page. Over 40 publishers use Paburi as a distribution platform of digital content. London-based freelance designer, writer and publisher Richard Baird launches the second issue of LogoArchive, Different facial expressions can be assigned to different genres.


My design tools are very simple, just a xmm plain notebook Japanese paperback book and Illustrator.

Free Koushiki Sans Fonts

A calendar with sweet rewards on holidays. All that sketching, drawing, honing, editing, balancing… Then From professionals to art students, for corporate graphics and logo marks, websites, videos, signages to school projects and portfolios.

New Fontsmith typeface FS Irwin. Styrene, designed by Berton Hasebe, is his latest exploration of proportion and simplicity in G-Type have released Remora, an extensive new humanist sans serif which comes fojt The symmetrical design communicates harmony and balance. Koushiki Fonh Koushiki on Facebook.