January 7, 2019


I just had to wait 18 hours for it. All I wanted to do was to be able to edit a 5-page scanned document. I tried to install Simple OCR but didn’t. It is not free but came in my laptop through my work company. Then again, if you have thought up ways to exploit OCR software for productivity shortcuts, then let us give you a few more tools to play with. I have been looking for something to do such thing with scanned pages in a pdf document.

convert image to text v0.9.6

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I didn’t want to do that for something that’s supposed to be free.

Not appear in Microsoft programs. Your email address will not be published. They are pretty effective for simple needs of the average user. Thanks for your suggestions. Another reader had the same query.

I have only used it on typed and clear documents and not anything with freehand writing. This is really useful article.


Online OCR Conversion

Can you suggest a good software that will probably convert the accurate sign in the text format? They seemed texr want you to imaage an account with all sorts of information. The Best Portable Apps.

OCRs have got so much better now! Thanks Alot for sharing such useful piece of information. Apart from Linux, we have to pay for all OS,don’t we. Microsoft Office was not there as part of my installed OS.

convert image to text v0.9.6

Example if the OCR scan an predefined image of a house, then it writes the word assigned to that image? The scan converts into a pdf file, however, I am not able to make any edits Entertainment Amazon Fire Stick vs. Quite frankly, I wish I knew about this simple way to use freely available OCR software back in my school days.

Ascgen 2 | Image to Ascii Art Conversion

Yunmai Document Recognition is really great for me. But make sure your DPI is x pixels. We have the software.


Hello, I want to convert images to text that have mathematical notes printed. Read our privacy policy. Then read from image files already scanned or screen-grabbed from elsewhere.

convert image to text v0.9.6

Any complicated font can be converted. The PDF issue was resolved in version 2. It looks simple and useful. With the above cue Conveert was able to copy text from entire pdf scanned pages.

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Imagd print recognition though does not have any restrictions. I have FreeOCR – is good enough. Saikat, thank you very much. Thanks for the catch: In my opinion, the conversion accuracy of the Microsoft tools was considerably better than SimpleOCR. And is there an OCR that allow rules to be written and define for images.