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Retrieved from ” https: Energy, as we know, can not be lost, although it often seemed to me that today’s youth has lost it. The Best albums of Yugoslav pop and rock music , published in , features eight Bijelo Dugme albums: Archived from the original on Before the recording of their second album, Bijelo Dugme went to the village Borike in Eastern Bosnia in order to work on the songs and prepare for the recording sessions.

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This page was last edited on 29 Decemberat I thought we should make that Belgrade Fair concert the last ever Bijelo Dugme show. Bijelo Dugme was maybe the biggest collateral damage of the Cold War when it comes to music: In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Energy, as we know, can bijelo dugme zaboravi ako mozes be lost, although it often seemed to me that today’s youth has lost it. This article is about the band.

At the beginning ofBijelo Dugme recorded a children’s music album The generation which found its Bijelo Dugme will more likely find its Bach than the generation for which Bach is a social norm, which is ddugme in its formal suit and locked in its concert chair.

The album was recorded in Skopje.

He was getting more and more interested into rock as a media, and less for the limitations of its musical forms. At the end of the s and the beginning of the s, the Yugoslav rock scene saw the emergence of the great number of new wave bandsclosely associated to the Bijepo punk rock scene.


Ako možeš, zaboravi (English translation)

He left the band after the album bijelo dugme zaboravi ako mozes, dedicating himself to business with computers. It is believed that they are the only ones in Yugoslavia who made big money from rock music. The mizes cover was designed by Bijelo Dugme’s old collaborator Dragan S.

The first one, held on July 30, was attended by about 2, uninterested factory workers, and the second one, held on August 2, by about 10, young activists with special passes.

In late FebruaryMihaljek organized Kongres rock majstora Congress of Rock Mastersan event conceptualized as a competition between the best Yugoslav guitarists at the time. The book YU The final number of copies sold was aboutIt seems that not all of zaborav managed to see — or managed to see clearly — Bijelo Dugme’s moving forward.

Then again, Bijelo Dugme is the only proof that the classic rock ‘n’ roll career zaborvai possible outside of English language.

Uspavanka za Radmilu M. – Wikipedia

Uspavanka za Radmilu M. There were several books written about the band: Archived from the original on In this country there are also the League of Socialist Youththe Institute for Social Issues, musical experts, serious publicists and press, radio and television. The album’s title track was used in mockumentary film Borat[14] but did not appear on the official soundtrack album.

The band’s debut album Kad bi bio bijelo dugmereleased inbrought them nationwide popularity with its Balkan folk -influenced hard rock sound.


The album was sold in more thatcopies. Retrieved 23 September The original idea was for the video to feature iconography inspired by the Serbian Army in World War I. Inspired by Yugoslavismwith numerous references to Yugoslav unity and the lyrics on the inner sleeve printed in both Cyrillic and Latin alphabets, the album featured the familiar folk-oriented pop rock sound.

Bijelo Dugme – Wikipedia

In the early s, with the emergence of Yugoslav new wave scenethe band moved towards new wavemanaging to remain one of the most popular bands in the country. During Bebek’s short leave from the army, the band recorded four more songs: The band’s fourth studio album was recorded in Belgrade and produced by Neil Harrison. The band’s future several releases, featuring similar sound, maintained their huge popularity, described by the media as “Dugmemania”, and the bijelo dugme zaboravi ako mozes work, especially their symphonic ballads with poetic lyrics, was also widely praised by the critics.

In a socialist culture, which shyly searched for its path outside of determined framework of values, they were a phenomenon of overturning importance. Sarajevo, Zagreb, Beograd Ko ne poludi taj nije normalan!