January 6, 2019


Don’t attack yet if you havent upgraded your Warriors health Dragon’s Fire upgrade this is needed for less casualties on your side. But wait, you should have a good PC with a killer video graphics card to go with it if you wanna play this great game. The path is north and then east. Peasants originate from Peasant Huts and are trained in the game’s various military buildings. Kenji must defeat both of them to end the threat once and for all. The eastern path is where you’ll deal with the Lotus clan. Just clear everything and be on your way to the Swan’s Pool.

battle realms kenjis journey

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So I thought that the best way to give back reqlms such amazing readers is to update this guide and make it cleaner and better.

You may combine units at your disposal and when you have twenty of combinational ex. Offensive Pitch Slinger – Instead of using the Pitch Slinger’s Scorched Earth ability for defensive purposes, try using it on the offensive.

Lastly, each horse you bring in will give you two wolves.

Battle Realms Kenji’s Edge Walkthrough for PC by Griever – GameFAQs

He’ll be under your control, although temporarily, in the Swan’s Pool mission. This is in Mission 12 – The Monks. This can be used as an effective method of “spotting” for the Sumo without putting any other units in harm’s way. Late Game Tactic – Late in the game, after all of the horses in your area have already been collected, use Garrin’s Call Horse Battle Gear to call a horse from the other side of the map. When the dust settles, you should find yourself with Yang points at your disposal Stun Slam is very effective to give you some time to use other Battle Gear or just wail on some of the tougher units.


Kenji’s Edge Walkthrough by Griever Version: This makes Wolves a great source of protection for all your units,especially your Peasants, Druidesses, and long range units.

Kenji’s Journey/Dragon

Also for the constructive feedbacks! Now it’s time to attack. Now destroy your Crypt of the Brothers and build a new one. After you’ve destroyed the Dragon Clan’s base you should now have three Yin points which you need for the Fortified Ale upgrades for your Swordsmen which add up more health to them.

Leave Kenji at base for a more powerful base defense.

It’s time to build everything. It’s been 10 years! The other one in the West is where Shinja resides. So the only thing to do to have a good base is to attack the Lotus base in the northwest. Building all jourey units or all of one type of unit is never a good idea. How are horses used? Man that game was tough! For example, Archers fire arrows from a distance, journwy must resort to hand-to-hand combat if the enemy engages him close up.

Keep him alive until the end of mission to successfully get him. Make him submit by completing either of the provinces Otomo presents.

battle realms kenjis journey

When they engage in battle, the enemy will have to first get the steed out from under each of them before concentrating their full attack on the Infested Ones. When your Peasant has enough resources and begins walking back to your base, select him and right-click on your ally’s Peasant hut. What you won’t miss too is Tao. Koril – Koril will be acquired in Mission 8.


battle realms kenjis journey

During a multiplayer game, each player can summon up to four Zen Masters, provided they have the resources.

Kill those Dragon and Kabuki Warrior first and attack the watchtower where Shinja is and just defeat him to finished the mission.

battle realms kenjis journey

After you destroyed all buildings in that area the next Dragon base will be in the east area where there is a small pond and a small patch of rice. I mean, I’ve got it surrounded by my characters, they kill off all the attackers, the geisha house is in great shape, then the dude takes the orb, and I get totally overrun by packs of eealms, artillery weapon type guys, guys with big hammers, etc, and to make matters worse, some of the guys turn into were wolves jounrey they die.

You should build another in the south area of your base for detecting attacker. If you helped the Monks, Ninjas try to attack the Monastery.